Class Descriptions

Class Format

(can vary pending age group, length of class, dynamics & needs of class)

DURATION          TASK                                                                        BENEFIT  

5 mins                   Connect, Roll Call, Brief                                        Bond, Prepare Mind, Safety

10-15 mins           Warm up & Stretch/Circuit/Progressions           Prepare Body, Flexibility

5-10 mins             Technique, Rhythm, Timing                                 Improve Ability, Co-ordination

20-30 mins           Revision/Choreography                                       Achievement, Memory

5-7 mins                Personal Development/Team Activity                Bond, Self-Esteem, Acceptance

5-10mins              Polish Choreography, Positive Feedback            Confidence, Enjoyment, Fun

5 mins                   Praise and Final Brief/Cooldown                         Sense of Achievement: YAY!!!


Style Description


JAZZ (available for all ages)

Jazz can be a fun, energetic, invigorating style of dance where you are always moving and bouncing around with zest!! It can also be a smooth and lyrical style of dance, however most times it is super funky, energetic & full of upbeat music.


Moves may include: turns, jumps, splits, kicks, runs and gallops. We also teach the correct jazz terminology such as jettes, chainé, chassé, fan kick, coupé, retiré, pirouette, plié, etc.  


Jazz/Funk  (available for 3yo to Adults)

The great thing about Jazz/Funk is that it can include any style of jazz, from commercial, lyrical, broadway or street jazz.  One thing is guaranteed though – it always includes a bouncy energy! 


Broadway Jazz  (available for 10yo to Teen)

Think of musical theatre without the singing. This style is very theatrical = full of facial expressions, character and loads of fun!!  Songs are used from Musicals such as Hairspray, High School Musical, Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Wicked, Lion King, Cabaret, Cats, etc.

Commercial Jazz (available in the Teen Advanced class only 12-17yo)

The choreography & music for commercial is inspired from music clips eg. Beyonce, Britney, Lady Ga Ga, Katy Perry, JLo, etc.  It’s full of sass and attitude.  Get in touch with your feminine and saucy side.






HIP HOP (available for all ages)

Hip hop is full of ATTITUDE!! Positive attitude of course. You'll learn to move just like the famous music stars such as Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Rihanna. 


Hip Hop is a broad term that can include popping, locking, breakdancing, house, moonwalking, waving, etc. You learn a lot of rhythm and groove - for instance, you’ll learn not only how to do a dance move, but how to sink into it the hip hop way and get a real good feel for what makes hip hop look & feel so good. This style is a great way to express yourself.


Commercial Hip Hop (available for 12yo - 17yo)

This style involves a lot of the latest music and is classified as new school hip hop ie. pop music like Beyonce, Rihanna, JLo, Fifth Harmony, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars. It involves dance moves from music clips & movies and can be quite a feminine style. It is a creative style that requires high levels of attitude and sharp lines.

Urban Hip Hop (available for 12yo - 17yo)

This style is classified as old school hip hop and uses a range of bigger, expressive, loose and 'out there' moves. Loads of swagga! Suitable for those who like to dance it out BIG. It’s a more masculine style of hip hop, grungy and explosive energy.  This loose styles requires strong energy and calls on dancers who loves to groove and explode out in energy.




We have brought the ballet element BACK to Backstreet and mixing it up with our contemporary classes! Ballet is the Godparent of dance and it’s full of tradition and format. This class is a balanced combination of both styles. It will include ballet technique and skill (No pointe/ballet shoes).


Contemporary dance is a style that explores the likes of Jazz, Ballet & Lyrical. It includes a lot of ballet & jazz components. Contemporary is used to tell a story & dancers are encouraged to connect with the music, use lots of emotion & to move their body through different types of movement such as fluid, sharp or relaxed. Contemporary also features floor work, jumps, partner & group work.



Teen/Adult Heels Class (16yo+)

Not only do you dance in commercial heels (featured in photo below) but you also learn the very unique foundations of heels which has some jazz elements in it and LOADS OF SASS, strutting and posing. This style is all about female empowerment - embracing your body and holding it with confidence. The class involves some ballet technique for ankle and posture alignment and core strengthening. It includes learning how to walk confidently in heels plus learning some real cool heels choreography.

Students of HEELS class wear ankle high, high heel shoes - any style and any design. No colour - silver or gold is okay.



Pom Pom (Dance Cheer) 6yo & above

 This class is all about having FUN while holding POM POMS! This is a mix between our Backstreet Jazz/Funk and Cheerleading. It includes a cheer element while staying true to Backstreet’s Philosophy. This class doesn’t include acrobatics or tumbling. It does include teamwork, lifts, cartwheels and a lot of formations. It’s all about having spirit and energy!

Students in POM POM class wear plain black jazz shoes.






Beginner is suitable for students with no or little dance experience.


For students who are moving to another style of dance eg. from jazz to hip hop or from hip hop to contemporary - to start at the Beginner or Beg/Int level UNLESS permission is granted from the Teacher.




Intermediate level is suitable for students who have had some dance experience (here at Backstreet or elsewhere) or wishes to gain more challenges.


Intermediate is also suitable for students who have just moved up in age group. We therefore recommend students to move to Beg/Int or Int when moving up in age group.




Advanced is only suitable for those students with a high level of co-ordination, ability/skills, confidence, flexibility, and fitness.


Students must gain a recommendation or permission from the Teacher to enrol at this level because moving to this level without having the necessary skills and confidence can jeopardise the students self-esteem.

Students therefore need to be physically and mentally prepared to take on this level.




Open Level means suitable for all levels of experience from Beginner to Advanced.

An Open Class is designed to cater for all abilities and give the student an opportunity to experience a combination of different techniques within that style.




The goal for these classes is to learn a whole song ready to perform.

You can still enrol in this class if you choose not to perform - just inform your Teacher when stage positions are allocated.


Most Adult students come to Backstreet for fun, fitness, socialising, and to release stress from everyday life.

A lot of Adults do perform - purely for fun and a sense of achievement.




Join our Positive Community and Be Inspired.

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