Cairns Festival Parade 2019




 Friday 23rd August 2019 (enter through the door closest to street front as Reception is NOT open)


  • Preteen Group (10-12yo) – 5pm to 6.15pm (in Studio 2)
  • Compulsory Briefing – 6.15pm to 6.30pm (in Studio 2)
    • Compulsory for Parents of students under 13yo
    • Compulsory for ALL performing students
  • Senior Group (13yo+) –6.30pm to 7.30pm (in Studio 2). Remember to arrive for the brief @ 6.15pm

You MUST wear what you will be wearing at the Festival (including your face design and all your accessories) so it can be approved by the Director. You will be informed if you need to change it.




 Saturday 24th August 2019




 A disposable water bottle that you can throw out before the Parade commences. Recommended to wear sunscreen and insect repellent. Backstreet Dance will not store or be responsible for any belongings. If you have a mobile phone on you, we suggest to put in a bumbag or put in a secure pocket in your costume.





 Deadline for all participants to arrive at Munro Martin Park is 4:45pm (at the latest) to prepare for the Parade. You must see Deborah to be signed in. Find her at the green Scout Hat. Call/text if late. Phone number at the bottom of the footer.




 Parade begins.  We are number 33 out of 75 in the Parade line up.

You finish at Fogarty Park Stage (end of Esplanade). All students aged UNDER 13yo must have their Parent/Adult Guardian sign off with Miss Deb at the front of the Fogarty Park stage.

Parents of students 13yo & above – if you wish to sign out your child on the night – see Deb at the brief to be included on the list.




Approximate time of us finishing the Parade. This is all dependant on the Parade.



PARENTSplease ensure you are waiting at Fogarty Park stage to meet your child as soon as we hit the end of the Esplanade. 




Mind & Body Preparation:

You will be dancing continuously from when we start to when we finish. You will need to be energised and prepared mentally and physically for this event i.e. sleep well, eat foods that give you long lasting energy and ensure   to have a positive attitude!  Please note: You are expected to PUMP IT the whole way.


Dancewear, Costumes, Hair and Make Up!


  1. Butterfly wings – we supply them to you. We will hand them to you as soon as they arrive. The wings come without holes. Therefore you are required to create holes to put your finger through at the end of the wing (cut with scissors or you can sew).The goal is to have your middle finger through the end of the wings.


  2. Wear any Backstreet Matching Dancewear. You MUST have at least one item with the Backstreet Logo on it (not including headbands/hats) and match your clothes with the Backstreet colours. Eg. Wear a Backstreet top and match with black/white pattern tights.Our colours are:Black, white, silver and our unique blue.


  3. Dance Shoes. Any comfortable shoes that you can dance in – in the colour of black/white/blue/silver. Can be a mix of those colours. Do U wear jazz shoes as you are dancing on the street and they could be damaged.


  4. Wear Plenty of Accessories – eg. headbands, sparkly belt, flowers, butterfly antennas, striped socks so you can stand out – must match our colours:Silver/black/blue/white. The blue must be the same as our blue.


  5. Create a Face Design- This is a FESTIVAL, therefore we expect you to get creative with your hair & makeup and face design. Go full out! Face paint or face jewels to represent the gorgeous beauty of butterflies. Must be in the Backstreet colours. Get as creative as you can. Remember it is a FESTIVAL after all.


KEEP IN MIND:  The Parade Committee have a standard and that is that we must dress up our uniforms A LOT so we look like we are in a festival. Therefore they expect creativity and uniqueness in what we wear.




If a student is not dressed appropriately, i.e. according to the theme, complying with Backstreet dancewear and colours, the student will NOT be permitted to participate in the Parade.  We must be fair to those who did dress up.


Meanwhile enjoy the photos below of previous years (once-a-year event)












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