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There is a strict criteria for being a part of the Backstreet Team. All Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Student Teachers and employees have to be positive, committed and most of all passionate about what they do. This ensures everyone has a great time and gains confidence.


All Teachers have Blue Cards, are trained in First Aid (regularly) and have suitable experience/qualifications to teach/assist (eg. Cert IV in Dance Teaching & Management or equivalent inhouse training). We also have an intensive Teacher Training Program for new and current Teachers in our Cairns Dance Studio so that the whole team are in alignment with the philosophy of Backstreet. This is important to the success of everyone involved at Backstreet.


Teachers regularly travel to Sydney and Melbourne (2-3 times per year) and every few years some travel to Los Angeles to attend dance classes and the Director has visited and will continue to visit Boston and Phoenix for specialised Dance Teacher Conferences or Dance Teacher Retreats to keep up to date with the latest choreography, safe teaching practices, effective teaching strategies and other important news that relates to the Dance Industry.


Most importantly, Backstreet operates in accordance with the Australian Dance Council's Code of Ethics.

We also have in place, according to law, a Risk Management Plan to ensure we offer a safe place for students and parents to attend.


If you would like to read our Studio Handbook- outlines the Terms & Conditions, Expectations, Responsibilities, etc.


Check out who is part of the bubbly Backstreet Team below:





(Studio Director, Qualified Dance Teacher, Trainer/Mentor)


In a nutshell, Deborah is all about PASSION!


She is known for her vibrant energy, love of people, talent for dance & teaching and also her professionalism. Not only that, many have been inspired by her many triumphs of overcoming eating disorders, low self-esteem and family suicide in her teens and young adulthood.


It is due to these challenges that Deborah has developed a driving passion to make a difference in people's lives, especially with confidence and body image. The philosophy of Backstreet was built up on Deb's story - learn to love yourself, be positive, have fun and believe in yourself.


Deborah has been teaching for 20 years, is a published author of 7 books, is a Life Coach and finds anyway to make a difference, including having her columns and articles published in papers and magazines.


Deborah also has received many qualifications as follows:

  • Cert IV in Dance Teaching & Management
  • Cert IV in Life Coaching
  • Cert III in Fitness
  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • Cert IV in Business (Small Business Management)
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment (currently completing)


She has also received a nomination for the Local Hero Award. She has contributed to the community and many ways - which you will see on the corridor of the studio. What more can you want in a Director of a Dance School? As Deborah says: "You only get one life - live it with passion!!.  Most of all, ensure you have loads of fun. Life is not meant to be serious all the time - enjoy yourself!"


You'll see Deborah teaching jazz, funk and hip hop to all ages. Her passion is obvious and the connection with her students is evident.  You'll see her choreographing, organising costumes, taking phone calls, organising enrolments and ensuring everything is in tip top Backstreet shape.


If you don't have the pleasure of having Deborah as your Dance Teacher, you will definitely have the opportunity to soak in the positivity she spreads through the team, on the walls at the studio and through every bit of communication.



(Deborah's Husband, Director and Technician)


Jeff is the backbone of the studio - inventing, fixing, creating, amending and envisioning. If you want someone to thank for the vibrant reception area, he is the man.


He loves to be involved in Backstreet and often plays a part in reception. If you are lucky, he'll make you a coffee while you lap up the vibrant atmosphere.


He is a great support to Deborah and you'll agree when you see them together - a strong team dedicated to giving you the best experience.







 (Qualified Dance Teacher)


Eden contributes a lot to our teaching team - not only is she committed and passionate about what she does, she is also warm-hearted and very genuine. 


You will see Eden teaching all the age groups and styles. Eden loves working with kids and she finds great pleasure in sharing her dreams and love of dance with her students.


Eden teaches EVERY style and EVERY age group at Backstreet. She is also running the Performance Troupe Program which means she delivers Professional Development, Personal Development and awesome choreography.  When Eden does something, she goes full out - there is no half heartedness in Eden. Her work ethic and care factor is through the roof.


Her hunger to learn all she can about dance is what drives her to participate in each style. Not only that but the more skills Eden builds, the more she believes she can pass onto her students.


Eden walks into Backstreet each day with the focus to make a HUGE difference and she is certainly doing that.


She has a strong connection with her students and many Parents here at the studio.


In summary, Eden fits the philosophy of Backstreet well as she has had her own personal journey of body image and self-esteem. Now a confident adult, she can now share these many positive life lessons with her students. Therefore Eden is one powerful person on a mission to make a difference and spread positivity at Backstreet.




(Qualified Assistant Teacher & Trainee Dance Teacher)


Brooke is and always will be a part of the Backstreet Family. She has been dancing for over 13 years, at Moondust and Backstreet.


Brooke is vibrant, bubbly, passionate and committed dancer who is here EVERYDAY that the studio is open! Brooke also spends hours and HOURS a week conducting her own daily practice and stretching sessions at home in her lounge room!!


Dance really is her life - she is one committed and driven dancer, and assistant.


Brooke has a great connection with the younger students from 3yo to 6yo and she pours a lot of love and time into her classes.


Brooke spent many years volunteering in the classrooms with the younger kids purely just because she wanted to share her love of dance with them. Brooke then joined our team in 2013 and has excelled quickly in her teaching skills.


She has a lot of experience to share, especially now that she studies at University to be a School Teacher.


She makes a huge difference to her students, especially the little boppers of Backstreet. She has a special connection with her 3yo to 6yo's.


We love Brooke and we're sure you will too!




(Qualified Dance Teacher)


Tamika is a Disney Princess!!!


Why? She auditioned at Disney Paris and passed the auditions with success.  Long story short, she didn't take the job, but instead found her calling in Teaching Dance.


I'm sure you'll agree when you meet Tamika, she is full of bubbles and beans. She is so Broadway - full of expression, personality, energy and passion. It therefore makes sense that Tamika loves her Broadway Jazz. She loves dancing it, watching it, teaching it and most of all sharing it with her students.


In saying this, she is also an exceptional Hip Hop Teacher - she is such a versatile dancer to switch between the grooves of hip hop to the razzle dazzle of jazz.


Tamika teaches all ages and all styles here at Backstreet. She is fully involved in the studio including taking charge of the Junior Jazz/Funk group in the 2017 Performance Troupe Program. She shares loads of personal development and life skills that really benefit the students.


Tamika has much to share, the students love her choreography, her personality and her positive outlook on life.


Enjoy having Tamika touch your life.




 (Office Manager and Rockstar Receptionist)


The Day Family have been a part of the Backstreet Family since before Backstreet was even Backstreet! It's safe to say Sharon is a true-blue Backstreet-er! Anyone who has ever met Sharon would agree she is absolutely amazing.


As the mother of our awesome Assistant Teacher Brooke Day, Sharon knows the in's and out's of everything that goes on behind the scenes.


Her passion is to see, not only her daughter strive and thrive in dance, but each and every individual student here at Backstreet. Her kind-hearted, tender love and genuine interest and care for all those around her makes her presence desirable and missed ever so much when she's not here (which is hardly ever - yay!).


Sharon has accompanied Backstreet on two of our Overseas Trips - with her camera always at the ready, every wonderful moment is captured and put in the beautiful books you will see in our studio waiting areas. She also takes all of our Staff photos because she loves being as deeply involved as she can be.


She is dedicated and trustworthy; simply one of the most beautiful souls you could ever meet.


Thank you Sharon for being such a vital, vibrant part of our Family. You are well-loved and totally appreciated. We don't know where we would be without you. Love you!




(Qualified Assistant Teacher)


The beautiful Bridgette Layman! 


Bridgette is a very hard working member of the Backstreet Team - she is always looking for ways to get involved and assist in whatever way she can. 


Bridgette is very special to us as she started here as a young preteen who we have seen grow over the years into a confident, beaming Backstreet Crew member!


It is so rewarding watching our students not only grow in age, but also in confidence and self expression - Bridgette is a great example of this!


Bridgette has experienced all styles that we have to offer here at Backstreet, as well as being selected to participate in the 2014 Performing Arts Program where she Performed for an entire week at Cairns Central. She has also just completed the 2016 Performance Troupe Program. She showcased a lot of professionalism and confidence through the program and her dancing is just absolutely stunning - she spreads happiness whenever she dances.


Although Bridgette is very versatile, you will see her assisting in the style she is most passionate about - HIP HOP! Bridgette is a real moover and grooover and she has such a wonderful connection with the students.


We love having Bridgette on the Backstreet Team and we are so grateful that she shares her passion with us!





(Qualified Assistant Teacher and Rockstar Receptionist)


Nicola is one passionate, dedicated, hard working employee. She has danced with us for a year and her potential for amazing things has just recently started to bloom.


Creating her own personalised dance journal, Nicola blew us away with what she was taking in, the questions she was asking and her willingness to just get in, get it done and get it done well. Her connection with the students in her assisting classes and in her own dance classes is positive and encouraging and the little ones especially love. Nicola never puts in less than 110%.


With her heart is set on being a Backstreet Teacher everything she does here is working towards that. She is heavily involved in all aspects of the Studio including reception work, admin and costuming.


Thorough and strong-spirited, we know she will rock your socks off! You go Nick!


Watch this space as we see this young lady soaring fast to success, achieving her dreams of contributing to the Backstreet vision of making a difference.




(Qualified Assistant Teacher)


Jaime has been dancing here for most of her childhood.


She has partaken in many programs here at Backstreet including the Performance Troupe programs.

She inspires her peers with her exceptional dance skills and flexibility.


She is kind, considerate, respectful and full of heart. 

She cares for her students.  


Jaime is a great asset to our team as she is so well aligned with the philosophy - she is oozing positivity everytime she comes in here.


If you ever watch Jaime, she has an amazing work ethic. She is always giving her best to the studio and her students. She has received Staff Member of the Term in 2018 as she is such a great positive role model - mature, giving, kind, down to earth and a gentle person.


She has so much to contribute.

We are sure you will enjoy Jaime's presence - full of gratitude, love and acceptance.





(Qualified Assistant Teacher)


Eva started dancing as a little Eva and now she has grown up through the studio, now officially part of the team. 


She loves hip hop and assisting all the groovy hip hop dancers of all ages.

She is involved in the Performance Troupe program, has danced in the Cairns Festival, Cairns Central and many other community venues. 

Eva loves dancing and loves being involved in the Backstreet life - making a difference.


She is mature, confident, bubbly and so enthusiastic.

Her positive vibes and overall happiness is infectious.


We are sure you will love Eva as we do.




(Qualified Assistant Teacher)


Jordann has been part of our Backstreet family for a very long time. She has danced in every single program from Disney trips, Performance Troupe Programs, Cairns Festival, interstate dance trips and so much more.


She is an amazing Assistant - very professional and passionate.


She is competent in all style of dance and absolutely loves being a part of the studio. She has choreographed her own dances and gets involved in all aspects of Backstreet, including managing the music for the studio and community performances and offering her ideas to make Backstreet a brighter place each and every day.


Jordann is an unbelievable dancer - her students look up to her and are inspired by her technique, facial expressions and awesome lipsyncing.


(Assistant Teacher)


Hayley is the most gentle, kindest, beautiful teenager you can ever meet. She is so giving, caring and present when talking and listening to you


She is a nurturing Assistant and passionate about sharing how to be the best person you can be through dance and life.


Hayley is competent in all styles of dance and can assist all ages.  


We have embraced Hayley as family and we are so excited to see her grow with the team and grow with her students.


(Assistant Teacher)


Kate is new to our team. As soon as she became a student of Backstreet, she decided she wanted to play a bigger part and be involved in making a difference to all the younger students of the studio.


Kate has trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. She is such a versatile dancer.


Kate is presently completing her Cert IV in Dance Teaching & Management and also Backstreet's in-house Assistant Training Program and Dancer Teacher Program. She is committed to arming herself with as much experience, knowledge and strategies to be the best Teacher she can be.


Presently, you'll see Kate assisting on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the studio, alongside the Director.  She is a nurturing, kind, giving person. I'm sure you'll enjoy having Kate's presence here at the studio.


(Social Media Expert)


Jasmine has been dancing at Backstreet for nearly 10 years and has been involved in Performance Troupe Programs and Overseas Disney Dance Trips. She is a big part of our family. Her Parents are heavily involved in the studio behind the scenes, supporting Jeff and Deb with lighting, backstage management and overall positive support and friendship. Therefore it felt natural we ask Jasmine to be more involved in Backstreet by contributing her amazing skills and talent for social media.


You'll see Jasmine filming (when we announce we are filming dance clips, which are usually on separate days to normal classes) the students dancing up a storm.  She is a whiz for editing and is passionate about showcasing Backstreet and our beautiful students in the best possible light.  


We love Jasmine - she is a mature, positive, kind young lady. I'm sure you will appreciate Jasmine when you meet her.  Make sure you check out the Backstreet Instagram page to soak in Jasmine's amazing dance footage.



(Parent Choreographer)


Every 6 months, Backstreet offer Parents (and Grandparents, etc) of current students to participate in a free fun Parents Dance. No dance experience required.


Therefore many Mums, Dads and Family members sign up and they get together for 3-4 rehearsals and learn a real easy funny dance. Parents have performed Sister Act, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Wiggles, and many hilarious other dance acts.


Christine, is Deb's mum. She choreographs the Parents dance with much love and passion. She has a gift for it. Not only that, she has the Parents laughing in each and every rehearsal. It's a great way to meet friends, time out for yourself, get fit and learn some basic dance moves.  

If you have ever participated in a Parents Dance or watched it at the End of Term Production, I'm sure you'll agree, they are a bunch of fun. Guaranteed to laugh!!!


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