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Expectations, Class Dress Code & Commitment 



Term 3 Schedule

Studio Dates: 16th July 2018 to 8th September 2018





Miss Deb’s Senior Hip Hop Crew

Every Monday – Studio 1

Starts 16th July 2018

5.00pm – 6.15pm – NOTE CHANGE OF TIME


Miss Eden’s Diva Squad

Every Tuesday – Studio 1

Starts 17th July 2018

6.15pm – 7.30pm – NOTE CHANGE OF TIME


Miss Deb’s Junior Dance Club

Every Saturday – Studio 1

Starts 21stJuly 2018

11.15am – 12.15pm 



Saturday 25th August

11.30am – 1.30pm (Junior Group go upstairs after your regular class from 12.15pm onwards

Finale Choreography


Saturday 1st September

11.30am – 1.30pm (Junior Group go upstairs after your regular class from 12.15pm onwards)

Finale Polish


Saturday 8th September

11.30am – 1.30pm (Junior Group go upstairs after your regular class from 12.15pm onwards)

Full Show Run Through




Saturday 18th August  - Caravonica's Country Fair - 4.30pm showtime confirmed.  Meet at 4.15pm at front gates.


Friday 14th September  - St Josephs Fete - 6pm showtime confirmed then head straight back EHSS for your PT full dress rehearsal.


The below performances are not included in the 8 community performances (as per your Agreement):


SATURDAY 15th September: Term 3 Production - showcase of "Dance Through the Decades" 


Week of Monday 24th Sept through to Saturday 29th Sept:  Cairns Central Shopping Centre:  "Dance Through the Decades"

Full Dress Stage Rehearsal: Monday 24th Sept from 6pm to 9pm.

Showtimes:  11.30am & 1pm Tues to Sat (inclusive)



Date:   Saturday 29th September
Time:   5pm to 7.30pm

Where:   At the shed opposite our studio and inside the studio.

Who: The whole family invited.

RSVP: Thursday 27th September via text or directly to Deb or to Reception. Inform of how many will be present .

What: Special surprises planned for the students (non-dance related). 

Wear: Students must wear an apron or a big old t-shirt.

Bring: Your own chair (i.e. camping/fold out chair).   Dinner and drinks supplied.




Each year we create a special performance program for those students who wish to dance more, perform more and take their dancing to the next level, or purely to enjoy more dance experiences.


Here is what we have achieved so far:


2013: Performing Arts Teen Hip Hop Program @ Cairns Central Shopping Centre (3 term commitment)


2014: Performing Arts Teen Hip Hop Program @ Cairns Central Shopping Centre (3 term commitment)

Video Preview: Performing Arts 2014


2014:  Broadway Jazz Program @ Brothers Leagues Club (1 year commitment)


2015: Performing Arts Junior, Preteen, Teen/Adult Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop Program @ Cairns Central Shopping Centre (3 term commitment)

Video Preview: Performing Arts 2015


2016:  Performance Troupe Program for Preteens and Teens/Adults.

Performed at a variety of 10 local venues from expos, shopping centres, fetes, festivals and community markets. Open to all styles. 1-year commitment


2017 - Performance Troupe Program for Juniors, Preteens and Teens/Adults.

Performed at 12 local community events and also 1 week at Cairns Central Shopping Centre and 1 week at Stockland Shopping Centre. All styles of dance. 1-year commitment. 


 2018 - Performance Troupe Program for Juniors, Preteens and Teens/Adults. 3-term commitment.  Students already selected for this Program


2019 - If you are interested in being a part of any programs for the future, please express your interest via email or call Deborah. We have a program every year and we are always on the lookout for suitable students.


If you would like to be chosen for these Programs - please ask for feedback so you know what to work on in order to increase your chances of being selected.




Read what others have said about these programs: 


Where do I even begin, this whole year has flown past so quickly but I could never forget everything I have gained. The friendships I have made have affected me so deeply in such a good way that I don’t think I could ever forget my crew as well as making a stronger and unbreakable relationship with my dance teacher. How much confidence and courage I have gained blew my mind as well as becoming a more professional, focused dancer with a strong positive attitude. I never thought how strong of a person I was until I began this Program.  - Lou Lou Brooks


This Program – wow!! It is so exciting and you feel nervous but alive when the music starts. It has made me more confident and stronger as a dancer. It was an awesome experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Backstreet for the opportunity to shine. - Rachel Klein

The Program was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had here at Backstreet. I found that I was more confident when dancing and connected so well with everyone in my group. WE LAUGHED SO MUCH! You definitely never ever feel left out, but always engaged and part of the group as EVERYONE SHINES, learns and improves together! - Bridgette Layman


The Program REALLY boosted my confidence – an overall GREAT experience! - Alexa Widt


This was a great experience as it helped so much with my confidence. It was extremely fun and gave me the chance to create lifelong friendships with dancers I would have otherwise not met! - Brooke Day


This Program is amazing! I bonded so well with my classmates – starting from the bottom not knowing anyone, and in the end loving them and knowing them like family. I have become more confident and learnt to express my emotions through dance positively, accepting myself for who I am, becoming a much more bright and positive person. I also witnessed a lot of trips, accidents, sickness, heartache, sadness, and all types of emotions and through the Program it has lifted people up, GIVEN PEOPLE STRENGTH, hope and something to look forward to. I love dance very much and the Program was the perfect opportunity to express that! - Jordan Johnson


The Performance Program was one of the best experiences of my life. I made so many great friends and both our groups combined like we were family. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. Not one moment of this program should be taken for granted as it will progress you as a dancer and person. We were told no matter how you are feeling in the moment, always do your best, because you could inspire someone else to do their best! - Shakira Hall


This Program would have be one of the BEST EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER HAD. What did I get? Friendships, fun, positive challenges and inspiration – an experience of a lifetime. One of the most distinct memories I have is right before our first performance and Shakira is giving us a massive pep talk: “Guys, this is it, we have worked our butts off for this moment, soon it’s going to be over so make every moment count!” At the time I thought “yeah, okay I guess,” then at the end of the week, on the verge of tears, I looked back and remembered those words and thought how painfully true they were. Do it! And don’t ever take any moment of it for granted because these memories and friendships you make will stay with you forever! - Georgia Brooker















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