Production Schedule 2019



TERM 3 PRODUCTION:  Saturday 14th September 2019

VENUE:  Edge Hill State School, Performing Arts Complex, Pease St.

All performers – Go backstage 3 songs before your dance to line up.

If in the 1st or 2nd act – go backstage 10 mins before start of show! 



$11 each (per person per show) before Production Day

$15 each (per person per show) on Production Day

3yo and below are free.

Every other person is required to purchase a ticket.


Parents of 3yo to 6yo – ensure your child meets up with the Assistant Teacher backstage before leaving them & ensure to meet your child backstage immediately after their dance.  


ORDER OF SHOW: Saturday 14th September 2019


12 noon Show

1  Wed (1K) Teen Jazz Beg/Int 12-17yo



2  Mon (1A) Tiny Tots Hip Hop 3-4yo

“Shrek’s Karaoke Dance Party”


3 Thurs (2N) Abstract Contemporary 10-14yo



4  Mon (2C) Adult Hip Hop Beg/Int

“Run It!”


5  Sat (1T) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-7yo Advanced

We Go Together


6  Tues (2G) Teen Commercial Hip Hop Adv 13yo+

“White Wedding”


7  Teacher & Student Showcase: Tamika & Charlotte



8  Tues (2E) Preteen Hip Hop 10-12yo Advanced



9  Wed (2I) Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo

I’m Still Standing


10 Teacher Showcase: Brooke & Nicola

“Rotten Children”


11  Wed (1I) Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo

“Let’s Get it Started”


12  Tues (1G) Preteen Hip Hop 10-12yo Beg/Int

DJ Turn It Up”


13 Thurs (2P) Teen/Adult Abstract Contemporary Adv



14  Tues (1E) Junior Commercial Hip Hop 7-9yo



2pm Show

1  Wed (2J) Preteen Commercial Jazz 10-12yo

“Work Work”


2  Sat (1R) Tiny Tots Jazz/Funk 3-4yo

I Believe”


3  Tues (2F) Teen Commercial Jazz 13yo+ Advanced

The Edge of Glory


4  Mon (1B) Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo

Scream & Shout


5  Tues  (2H) Adult Jazz/Funk Advanced (HEELS)

Black & Gold


6 Sat (2Q) Junior Commercial Jazz/Funk 7-9yo

So Am I


7  Thurs (2M) Lyrical Contemporary 10-14yo



8  Thurs (1N) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo

“You Make My Dreams”


9  Wed (IJ) Teen Hip Hop 12-17yo Beg/Int



10  Wed (2L) Adult Jazz/Funk Beg/Int

“Shake Your Tailfeather”


11  Mon (2B) Teen Urban Hip Hop Advanced 13yo+

“Sally Walker/Thrift Shop”


12  Thurs (1P) Preteen Broadway Jazz 10-12yo

“When I Get Low I Get High”


13  Certificate III in Dance: Student Choreo Showcase 

“Cert 3 Mashup”


4pm Show

1  Wed (2K) Teen Broadway Jazz Advanced 13yo+

Bang Bang


2 Sat (1S) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo Beg/Int

Jailhouse Rock”


3  Mon (2D) Adult Hip Hop Advanced

Get Crunk Shorty


 4  Thurs (1O) Junior Broadway Jazz 7-9yo

Bellas Final”


  5  Sat (2R) Preteen Hip Hop 9-12yo Beg/Int

“Freaks Remix”


6  Mon (2A) Preteen Hip Hop 10-12yo Beg/Int



7 Thurs (2O) Teen/Adult Lyrical Contemporary Adv

“Bleeding Love”


8  Mon (1C) Junior Contemporary 6-9yo

“Tiny Dancer”


9  Teacher & Student Showcase: Tamika & Charlotte



10  Tues (1F) Junior Urban Hip Hop 7-9yo



11  Performance Troupe Showcase:  “Celebrate their Music”

  • Queen
  • Ray Charles
  • James Brown
  • Walt Disney
  • Michael Jackson
  • Black Eyed Peas



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