Production Schedule 2020

Term 3 Date:  Sunday 13th September


Venue:  Cairns State High School, Grafton Street, Crosswell Hall


Showtimes:  10am;  12.30pm;  3pm  (Duration:  approx 1 hour each)

Doors open 45 mins prior to each show.


  • Ticket prices ($13 per show/person) if bought BEFORE Production Day or $20 if bought on Production Day (cash only)
  • Show tickets can be purchased at the studio when open or at rehearsals (CASH ONLY at rehearsals)
  • All performers – Go backstage 4 songs before your dance to line up.If in the 1st or 2nd act – go backstage 10 mins before start of show!
  • Parents of 3 to 6yo – Must take their child backstage and ensure your child meets up with the Assistant Teacher before leaving them & must ensure to meet your child backstage immediately after their dance.

  • View the COVID SAFE EVENT PLAN HERE for the Production


Order of Show:


10am show

1  Tuesday (2A) Preteen Hip Hop 10-12yo Advanced

“Ready For It”


2  Saturday (1Q) Tiny Tots Jazz/Funk 3-4yo

“Kids of America”


3 Friday (1O) Preteen Broadway Jazz 10-12yo

“My Year”


4  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

“My Once Upon a Time” – Miss Jordann & Lily Wheeler


5  Tuesday (1C) Junior Commercial Hip Hop 7-9yo



6  Tuesday (1D) Preteen Hip Hop 10-12yo Beg/Int

“I Want You Back”


7  Teacher & Student Showcase: “Dance Monkey

TRIO – Miss Deb & Quin Dagan & Leilani Weston


8  Tuesday (1B) Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo

Can’t Stop the Feeling


9  Teacher & Student Showcase - DUO

I Hope I Get It” – Miss Jordann & Alana Macri


10 Tues (2B) Teen Commercial Jazz Advanced  

“What You Waiting For”


11  Thurs (1K) Prejunior 5-7yo Ballet/Contemporary

  “Just the Way You Are”


12  Teacher & Student Showcase: TRIO

Trouble” – Miss Brooke, Miss Jordann & Kim Sadler


13  Thurs (2L) Senior Pom Pom (Dance Cheer) 10yo+

Cheer Remix”


14  Fri (2O) Teen Urban Hip Hop Advanced 12yo +

“We Will Rock You”


15  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO
“Lady Powers” – Miss Deb & Steph Martinez


16  Tuesday (2E) Adult Jazz/Funk Advanced

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”


12.30pm Show

1  Wed (2H) Teen Broadway Jazz Advanced 13yo+



2  Tues (1A) Tiny Tots Hip Hop 3-4yo

Cha Cha Slide Remix”


3  Teacher & Student Showcase – DUO

Shake It Off - Miss Deb and Maniah-Jean Allum


4  Wed (2I) Adult Jazz/Funk Beg/Int

“Raise You Up/Just Be”


5  Teacher & Student Showcase - DUO

Lone Digger” – Miss Jordann and Tahlia Harmer


6 Sat (1R) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo Beg/Int

Feel It Still


7  Wed (1H) Teen Jazz/Funk 12yo+

“Runaway Baby”


8   Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

“Frozen Remix” – Miss Deb & Andi Hayman


9  Friday (2P) Adult Hip Hop Advanced

Jump Around


10  Wed (1F) Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo

 “Chillin like a Villain”


11  Friday (1N) Junior Urban Hip Hop 7-9yo

“Hakuna Matata”


12  Wed (2F) Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo

“On the Floor”


13 Sat (2R) Preteen Hip Hop 9-12yo Beg/Int

One Dance”


14 Fri (1P) Preteen Abstract Contemporary 10yo+

The Sweet Escape”


15 Teacher & Student Showcase: TRIO

Piece of your Heart” - Miss Deb, Marta Rubulis & Jasmine Webber


16  Tues (2D) Teen/Adult Heels Advanced 16yo+

“Another One Bites the Dust”


3pm Show

1 Wednesday (2G) Preteen Commercial Jazz 10-12yo



2 Thursday (1L) Junior Ballet/Contemporary 7-9yo

Fight Song”


Teacher & Student Showcase: Duo

Memories” – Miss Jordann & Tahlia Harmer


 4  Saturday (1T) Junior Hip Hop 6-8yo

Baby Shark (Trap Remix)


5  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

“Sweet but Psycho” – Miss Deb & Hana-sun Walton

6  Saturday (2Q) Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo



7 Thursday (2M) Teen/Adult Contemporary Advanced

“A Million Dreams”


8  Student Showcase: DUO. Christine Downie & Janine Yates 

“Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag”


9 Thurs (2K) Junior Pom Pom (Dance Cheer) 6-9yo

Commander Remix


10  Sat (1S) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-7yo Advanced

Release Me


11 Wed (2J) Adult Heels Beginner

Sweet Dreams


12  Wed (1G) Teen Hip Hop Beg/Int 12yo+

The Shape of You”


13 Student Showcase: SOLO

“This Is Me” – Lisa Morse


14  Student Showcase: Adult Hip Hop Group



15  Teacher & Student Showcase: TRIO

Turn Down for What” – Miss Deb, Josh & Gemma


16 Tues (2C) Teen Commercial Hip Hop Adv 13yo+

“Lose Control”





Why perform?

It is our philosophy to provide students with the opportunity to dance on stage not just once a year, but every single term. It has been proven that short term goals improve confidence, keep enthusiasm at a continual high and provide a regular sense of achievement.


Where are the Productions held?

We hold all our productions at private venues, such as school halls that provide staging, aircon, lighting, comfortable seating, convenient amenities, etc. Eg. Edge Hill state school or Cairns High Crosswell Hall.


Who can perform?

ALL students are strongly encouraged to perform as it greatly benefits their confidence, however, there is no pressure to do so.


Is it compulsory?

Absolutely not. However, because the performances are so beneficial to self-esteem and having fun – 99% of students decide to perform every term. Students need something to look forward to – performances give you motivation to attend dance classes with enthusiasm. Everyone needs a reason to do something – performances are a perfect reason to practice dance.


What if I choose not to perform?

If you choose NOT to participate in the end of term production for whatever reason, students will still be included in all classroom activities and given a “pretend” stage position. However you MUST inform Reception by the 3rd week of the term due to choreographing and costuming purposes, otherwise we assume your decision is a ‘no’.  Pulling out at the last minute is not acceptable – it can affect the confidence of the rest of the class. Therefore please check your diary to determine your availability for the compulsory full dress rehearsals and the production date.  If a student misses 3 classes or more within a term – the student will not be permitted to perform (refer to ABSENCES section).

Note: If you choose NOT to perform – you are not expected to hire a costume and not permitted to attend rehearsals (due to its potential affect on others and their stage positions on stage.) Non-performers receive their Certificate of Achievement/Trophy during the last week of classes at the Studio.


When are they held?

You can find all the Term Production Dates HERE


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