What to Wear

Dress Code

No school uniforms.

No denim shorts or non-stretchy clothes.


Dance is about feeling good, therefore wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that make you feel good. Wear clothes you can move and stretch in.


Pants or tights past the knee is recommended for the comfort of floor work. i.e. on your knees


NOTE: Wearing Backstreet Dancewear is NOT compulsory - it is optional. However our Bubbly Bacsktreet Team would love to show you examples of what to wear so you can get funked up for class in your own way.


If you are interested in our range of dancewear - we sell them at the studio for all styles and all sizes. We also sell jazz shoes at our Studio. See Reception for advice.






Wear appropriate exercise gear of your choice - no school uniforms or jeans/denim shorts allowed.


We encourage students to express themselves through their clothing (as well as in their dancing)


If younger students wear a skirt, please ensure tights/shorts are worn underneath so as not to expose underwear

We are not fussed with what you wear - as long as you can squat, move freely and feel great.


Wear clothes suitable for exercise - tights/pants/trackies, etc. 


For Jazz/Funk - preferably tights and not baggy pants.


We require students to wear proper dance shoes for effective dancing:

Jazz/Funk Classes, Jazz Classes and POM POM classes:

Plain black jazz shoes or jazz/dance sneakers.


We sell the following shoes at our studio:

Jazz slip ons plain black for $65


Ask Reception for advice on shoes.

Tip: Best to arrive 15-20 mins early before class to fit on some shoes.

Contemporary and Ballet/Contemporary and Lyrical 

Contemporary Shoes (we sell at the studio for $10 - $40)

Foot thongs or tan jazz shoes.


Knee pads (protection for knees due to high amount of floor work in this style of dance), available at studio for $29 a pair.

They are (most of the time) required for rehearsals & the Production. 


Teen Broadway Jazz Shoes

Character shoes are optional for Teen Broadway Jazz. Plain black, low heel. These are available to purchase from Cairns Sewing Centre on Anderson Street, Manunda, Cairns or Cairns Dance at the Civic Shopping Centre.


Broadway dancers also need to arrive to class in normal jazz shoes for warmups and learning routines. Broadway shoes are generally worn half way through each class, pending the song chosen for the term.

Hip Hop:

 Any soft covered sneaker/sandshoe or high tops are acceptable for Hip Hop classes only.


Any colour is acceptable for class, however shoes MUST be 100% white for the Productions!
















Plain black ankle high boots of any style - preferably thin heels.

No colour

Can have silver/gold decorations.

Any style. See photo to the right.


Ensure they do not scratch the floor.







If performing in our end of term Productions, the following is compulsory:


Jazz/Funk and Commercial & Broadway Jazz & Pom Pom classes

Wear plain black dance shoes (Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are suitable)


Contemporary, Ballet/Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary Shoes or tan jazz shoes



Same as class shoes - black ankle-high boots with high heels



Hip Hop

Wear plain white sneakers/dance shoes of any brand. They must be 100% plain white.


All Teeny Tot and Tiny Tot students are required to wear the appropriate shoes applicable to their style.






Strictly no jewellery or loose accessories to be worn. This can be distracting for the class and the student learning. It's also a safety measure.



You can accessorise and wear hair/head accessories like headbands/ribbons/hats/etc


Hair tied back and no messy fringes please, including fringes that sweep over the eyes - we want to see your beautiful face. It's also for safety especially when doing turns.









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